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Welcome to the new blog “H. B. Anderson Writing”! Brew yourself a cup of coffee (or tea, better yet) and stay awhile to chat! Today is this blog’s birthday, and that is an event worth celebrating if I knew any. I’m sure the blog will live a glorious and wonderful life serving its purpose as my little corner of the internet, but first, we will need to make our introductions.

As with any in-person introduction, one must first get to know a person before deciding if they are worth calling a friend. Similarly, I wish for you to get to know your writer before considering yourself a reader. Naming off some facts about an author helps a little. However, it does not entirely paint a picture of literary style or interest quite yet. Though, there is no better way to start!

My name is Hannah Anderson, and I am a twenty-one-year-old writer and teacher’s aide living in the United States. I live with my husband Ben and kitten Ruby (who are both quite the handful, though they never admit it). The authors’ writing styles that I look up to most are F. Scott Fitzgerald, Louisa May Alcott, and Charles Dickens. All are brilliant writers that display tales of love, adventure, fortune, and loss vividly. The subjects I draw the most inspiration from are life, literature, history, poetry, and nature. My hobbies include photography, music, reading, and crocheting.

Just as there are many different sides to a person, there are many different sides to a writer’s style. It only takes some time to get familiar with them. This fact is why I will, within reason, not limit the topics that I will cover on this blog. I am an observer of the world in many ways, shapes, and forms. Subjects involving life, history, creativity, and literature interest me profoundly, which is why submitting myself to one niche topic would be a disservice to my hand. As any good reporter reports on the facts, any good author paints a picture of many different aspects of life to their readers. 

One aspect you can be sure of in this blog is the narrative form that will always be present. You can distinguish this narrative as my literary voice.

Some of my poems will occasionally make an appearance. If you are not a poem person, I’ll let you in on a secret- that’s okay! Poetry is not for everyone. Though, the ones that poetry is for connect with it deeply. You can expect all kinds of different posts on this blog. Usually, they will surround life, history, and literary topics that we can learn about together. This blog also hopes to explore my photography, which is why you may sometimes see my photos alongside articles or poetry. Any photo of mine will have mark on the bottom right corner showing my ownership.

Now, with a much clearer picture of what this blog’s mission is and where we are going, I hope you will decide to follow along and see it through! Here’s to the beginning of a beautiful journey of writing, reading, and growing together. May we gain more insight and wisdom than we had when we began.

Until next time,

H. B. Anderson

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