H. B. Anderson Writing

freelance writing and blogging

Poetry, my dear,
Poetry all-day
Poetry to keep the bad feelings away
I grab up my pen and scrawl to convey
My inmost thoughts and feelings- all in wordful array

Words upon words
I print, and I prod,
Wonderings and workings
Workings and thoughts

For what is a writer without their writing?
They are a shell of a being
Who has so many feelings
They wallow in them endlessly

But a writer who acts upon the words in their mind,
Is a wise one indeed, for now, it is less of a fight
To live in a world such as yours and mine

Expression, to a writer, is a saving plight

© H. B. Anderson and https://hbandersonwriting.com/, 2021 Copyright © H. B. Anderson 2021

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