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I’d say “long-time-no-see” is an understatement in regards to my return to the blogging world. “But, Hannah! We forgot you even existed.” Ah, that’s what they all say. If you’re at all curious, though, please read on to the prolific wandering of my thought processes at work. If you’re new here, hello! Sometimes sarcasm is my second language.

To be fairly honest with you, my love for writing and my trepidation for finding the next “perfect blog post” was a consistent war before my few-month hiatus from blogging. During this time, I came to the terms that not every post I release onto my blog has to be the perfect theme, the perfect style, or the perfect anything. It doesn’t have to fit together like a well-thought through puzzle every single time. And to be quite transparent, sometimes I’ll hit the nail on the head…other times I’ll learn trying.

What resulted from this time of reflection was the quite obvious conclusion that I can offer a quick and thoughtful post by sharing my newest photography or simple journal posts on what’s new in my life as a freelancer and newly-wed college student, and have it be just as scintillating as any other form of creation. My point being, I don’t have to do some essay-like production every time my fingers grace a keyboard. I think it’s more organic to do otherwise. It’s more real. My life and my writing is all about change, and it’s all about finding my way over time.

So to prevent the enabling of my abismal perfectionist habits, and to also prevent myself from further writer’s block- I’m coming up with better ways of categorizing the blog. One section may be designated for my personal everyday reflections, one for interesting anecdotal topics on history, and maybe a “book corner” for reviews or current reads. Because when it comes down to it, I write because I love writing. Whatever stage fright type of stupidity is going on will come to an end with effort. There are all sorts of solutions I can come to. I want certain segments that people can expect of me, and maybe a schedule in the future.

We’re all learning as writers, aren’t we? Why would continue to deny that process? It’s not like these experiences are solely unique to us and our situation.

Anyways, you lovely specimens, I’m glad to be back. I value the little corner of the internet that this is and hope you stick around for the ride. Thanks for reading. There will be more to come, I promise.


H. B. Anderson

3 thoughts on “The Grand or Not-so Grand Return of Hannah Anderson

  1. Welcome back, Hannah! We do stray from the craft from time to time, but what’s important is that we find our way back. I mean, most of us can’t stay AWAY from it, am I right? Keep on keeping on!

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    1. That’s some very good wisdom, Stuart! Thank you for the reminder.


  2. Ally Bean says:

    I recently took a blogging break, too. Came back like you did, with a different attitude. I like your line: “My life and my writing is all about change, and it’s all about finding my way over time.” Rings true with me.


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