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Poetry, my dear,
Poetry all-day
Poetry to keep the bad feelings away
I grab up my pen and scrawl to convey
My inmost thoughts and feelings- all in wordful array

Words upon words
I print, and I prod,
Wonderings and workings
Workings and thoughts

For what is a writer without their writing?
They are a shell of a being
Who has so many feelings
They wallow in them endlessly

But a writer who acts upon the words in their mind,
Is a wise one indeed, for now, it is less of a fight
To live in a world such as yours and mine

Expression, to a writer, is a saving plight

© H. B. Anderson and https://hbandersonwriting.com/, 2021 Copyright © H. B. Anderson 2021

Whether we are conscious of it or not, everyone is an influencer, in one capacity or another. The range of that influence revolves around who you are and what particular things you find interest in. You may encourage your husband to watch that new show that you just discovered over the weekend. You may suggest a new restaurant to your parents. Or, perhaps, like myself and my friends, you send custom-made song playlists to each other to share the music and lyrics that you love! In many ways, you and I influence others. 

Right now, I am going to use the same powerful everyday influence to suggest a book to you that I have found great value in. The Geography of Genius by Eric Weiner is that book. 

I quite literally stumbled upon Eric Weiner’s book two summers ago as I perused the book section of a small Ollies in Pennsylvania. What began as a slight curiosity of the book’s plot quickly and unexpectedly turned into an obsession: a page-turner that I could not put down. Being the history and travel intrigued person that I am, I could not keep my eyes away from the stories and knowledge that Eric intricately wove together.

The Geography of Genius follows its author Eric Weiner throughout his travels to some of the world’s best “golden-age” locations. While traveling, Weiner analyzes the histories, themes, differences, and similarities of these unique locations and the everyday genius of the people who lived there. The author dissects the different traits that cultivate intelligence and creativity, with chapters exploring golden-age Athens, Hangzhou, Florence, Edinburgh, Calcutta, Vienna, and Silicon Valley. With each chapter, the author presents his material with a humorous and conversational tone. Like a good teacher, Eric Weiner makes the content he covers clear and engaging to readers.

The Geography of Genius delves into many different facets of creativity while also showing the potential for creativity in our day-to-day lives. I especially appreciated one specific part of chapter 3 and am reminded daily of what was said about the creative process. Eric Weiner (2016) suggests that instead of just a typical museum that displays successes and masterpieces, there should also be a museum of mistakes, remarking,

“…W. H. Auden observed, “In the course of his lifetime, the major poet will write more bad poems than the minor.”

There’s a simple reason for this. The more shots you get at the target, the more likely you’ll eventually score the bull’s-eye, but the more misses you’ll accrue, as well. The bull’s-eyes in museums and on library shelves, not the misses. Which, when you think about it, is a shame. It feeds the myth that geniuses get it right the first time, that they don’t make mistakes, when in fact, they make more mistakes than the rest of us (p. 116).”

If you are wanting to give this book a read and see what you think for yourself, I am inserting a link to it on Amazon. ON ONE CONDITION- that you come back to me once you’re through to tell me all about it! 😉

Amazon link- Amazon.com: The Geography of Genius: Lessons from the World’s Most Creative Places (9781451691672): Weiner, Eric: Books

Here are some questions for you once you finish the book-

  • What inspired you the most about some of the different locations of genius?
  • What places did you connect with the most?
  • Will this impact the way you see traveling, or better yet- will this book impact the way you see your daily life experiences?
  • Does this change your view on the impact of your choices where you are placed?
  • What current habits do you think you will change after reading to pursue a more intentional and creative life?
  • I truly enjoyed sharing this gem with you all! I apologize for not writing for so long, though I promise I have some very good reasons! Some, I will sure to be sharing soon!

I thoroughly enjoyed sharing this gem with you all! Trust me, I have some excellent reasons for not posting in so long. Some I may touch on soon in future posts!

Until next time, readers!

Hannah Anderson


Weiner, Weiner Eric. The Geography of Genius: a Search for the World’s Most Creative Places from Ancient Athens to Silicon Valley. Simon & Schuster, 2016.

Sitting on a counter

Sat a vase with different flowers

Not many paid attention

Most went about their hours

Though, hidden among the petals was a secret little verse

That another spy would soon decode

And act on what he’d learned

Some were messages of battle

Some were messages of strife

Each flower told a story

Each code, a different plight

And no one would have thought a thing from that innocent little sight

Though, much the same, we have much to gain

When we observe the little things in life

Welcome to the new blog “H. B. Anderson Writing”! Brew yourself a cup of coffee (or tea, better yet) and stay awhile to chat! Today is this blog’s birthday, and that is an event worth celebrating if I knew any. I’m sure the blog will live a glorious and wonderful life serving its purpose as my little corner of the internet, but first, we will need to make our introductions.

As with any in-person introduction, one must first get to know a person before deciding if they are worth calling a friend. Similarly, I wish for you to get to know your writer before considering yourself a reader. Naming off some facts about an author helps a little. However, it does not entirely paint a picture of literary style or interest quite yet. Though, there is no better way to start!

My name is Hannah Anderson, and I am a twenty-one-year-old writer and teacher’s aide living in the United States. I live with my husband Ben and kitten Ruby (who are both quite the handful, though they never admit it). The authors’ writing styles that I look up to most are F. Scott Fitzgerald, Louisa May Alcott, and Charles Dickens. All are brilliant writers that display tales of love, adventure, fortune, and loss vividly. The subjects I draw the most inspiration from are life, literature, history, poetry, and nature. My hobbies include photography, music, reading, and crocheting.

Just as there are many different sides to a person, there are many different sides to a writer’s style. It only takes some time to get familiar with them. This fact is why I will, within reason, not limit the topics that I will cover on this blog. I am an observer of the world in many ways, shapes, and forms. Subjects involving life, history, creativity, and literature interest me profoundly, which is why submitting myself to one niche topic would be a disservice to my hand. As any good reporter reports on the facts, any good author paints a picture of many different aspects of life to their readers. 

One aspect you can be sure of in this blog is the narrative form that will always be present. You can distinguish this narrative as my literary voice.

Some of my poems will occasionally make an appearance. If you are not a poem person, I’ll let you in on a secret- that’s okay! Poetry is not for everyone. Though, the ones that poetry is for connect with it deeply. You can expect all kinds of different posts on this blog. Usually, they will surround life, history, and literary topics that we can learn about together. This blog also hopes to explore my photography, which is why you may sometimes see my photos alongside articles or poetry. Any photo of mine will have mark on the bottom right corner showing my ownership.

Now, with a much clearer picture of what this blog’s mission is and where we are going, I hope you will decide to follow along and see it through! Here’s to the beginning of a beautiful journey of writing, reading, and growing together. May we gain more insight and wisdom than we had when we began.

Until next time,

H. B. Anderson