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From the outside in, it may be difficult to differentiate what a fair price for a freelance writer is. This is because many writers desperately undercharge for their services, negatively affecting other freelance writers’ careers, and many others overcharge when considering experience level. So how do you know you are getting a fair rate?

You can take comfort that all our quotes are constructed based on the average prices of freelance writers’ rates. H. B. Anderson thoughtfully crafts rates based on our current level of experience and fair writing rates. You see each time that the quote I give you is not a shot in the dark.

In order to quote you accurately, please give me a detailed explanation of the project you would like me to write. I have a set rate per hour, which makes quoting average or bigger projects quite simple. Although, you have the option of a rate per word instead.

If you would like to learn more about average freelance writer rates, here is an excellent and direct article written by Kristen Hicks of “Austin Copywriter” concerning the subject.

Freelance Writer Rates: What’s Normal?



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