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H. B. Anderson is a young writer and teacher’s aide living in the United States. Her literary inspirations are F. Scott Fitzgerald, Louisa May Alcott, and Charles Dickens. All of them painted their tales of adventure, love, and loss vividly with words. Anderson is an avid lover of history, theology, literature, and nature.

The blog “H. B. Anderson Writing” is an outlet for her writing on all different topics that interest her. These topics will surround intriguing points on life, history, literature, and nature explored by the writer. The blog will also occasionally showcase the photography of the author herself.

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“…But a writer who acts on the words in his mind

Is a wise one, indeed, for now it is less of a fight

To live in a world such as yours and mine

Expression, to a writer, is a saving plight”

excerpt of the poem “What is a Poet” by H. B. Anderson

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